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Eliminating Student Loans Outside of Bankruptcy – Matthew C. Swanson, Esq

Are student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy?  The answer is generally, no.  Student loans can only be discharged if you can show that repaying the loan would cause an “undue hardship”.  Although paying student loans is a hardship for almost everyone, the standard established by the bankruptcy courts is very difficult to meet.  The Debtor must show […]

Do You Know How Much Your Debt is Costing You? – Matthew C. Swanson, Esq

Many of my clients will consider themselves financially stable if they are able to make their minimum monthly payments on their debt.  I am often told, “I’m OK because I’m current.”  Let’s take a closer look at what “being current” costs you.   For purposes of this exercise, let’s assume that Client A has credit […]

Elizabeth Warren measure would forbid employers from looking at job applicant’s credit history – Noah Bierman, Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren announced today that she will introduce a measure to forbid employers from requiring credit histories on job applicants. The Massachusetts Democrat’s measure has support from dozens of liberal consumer groups, who argue that credit history is a poor measure of character and discriminates against the economically disadvantaged. But it could […]

Should I Wait to File Bankruptcy After the Holidays? – Matthew C. Swanson, Esq

December tends to be the slowest month of the year for bankruptcy attorneys.  Most bankruptcy candidates want to focus on their family and friends during this time of year, not their financial woes.  Others simply cannot carve out any time to see an attorney during the hectic holiday season.  Some, however, believe that they should […]

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect My Bankruptcy? – Matthew C. Swanson, Esq

As we are entering the second week of the government shutdown, we seem to have more questions than answers regarding the impact of the shutdown on the bankruptcy Courts, those involved in active bankruptcy cases, and potential filers.  Since the Department of Justice falls under the wing of the “non-essential” government departments, there is reason […]

Economy is Turning Around?!?!? – Matthew C. Swanson, Esq

It seems like every night I hear political pundits tell me that the economy is turning around.  Every day, however, I meet with clients who feel that it must have been a sharp turn that missed them entirely.  A recent report from Sentier Research has shown that maybe the economy has not rebounded as many […]

Ten Indicators That You May Need to File Bankruptcy

You have carried more than $20,000.00 of unsecured debt for more than 5 years (credit cards, medical debts, personal loans); You are taking early withdrawals from retirement accounts to pay bills; You are facing a wage garnishment; Your health is suffering from financial stress or because you are unable to afford proper health care or […]

Should I Reaffirm My Secured Debt – Matthew C. Swanson, Esq

One of the more common questions I get from clients is whether or not they should reaffirm their debt.  My answer in almost every case is absolutely not.   What is a Reaffirmation Agreement? A reaffirmation agreement is a contract that obligates a person to pay all or a portion of debt that would otherwise […]

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