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Summer, Sand, and Swimming – Pauline Nassif, Civil Litigation Paralegal

As we eagerly await the hot summer weather and anticipate backyard barbecues and heading to the beach, pool or lake to cool off with friends and family, let’s take a moment to think about summer safety. Many of us do not have access to the ocean or lake but swimming in local pools, neighbor’s pools, or even our own pools is something most of us look forward to enjoying. Swimming pools are a fun way to cool off and have fun during the hot weather but they also present some significant dangers. Some of the dangers that come with swimming in pools may seem obvious, while others are less apparent.

Swimming pool injuries can occur in a number of ways including injuries caused by negligently maintained slides, diving boards, drain/ filter covers and ladders. Also, without proper adult supervision or a lifeguard on duty, other types of injuries can occur. For example, guests at a pool who consume excessive amounts of alcohol are at a greater risk of injury. Other types of injuries can occur due to the presence of bacteria in a pool, slip and falls on walkways, or by stepping on sharp objects such as broken glass. In addition, some pools are not built with a deep end and therefore diving poses an incredible risk for brain, neck and spine injuries. A simple way to guard yourself against this potential hazard if you are a pool owner is to place “no diving” signs be placed around the perimeter of the pool in locations where it is too shallow to dive along with signs exhibiting the depth of the pool.

In situations where an injury results due to the failure to properly indicate where it is unsafe to dive may result in liability on the part of the owner or manager of the pool. Any injury that results from the negligence of the owner of the pool or manager may entitle the injured party to pursue a claim or lawsuit to recover damages. These damages include medical bills, scarring, lost wages and pain and suffering. There may also be claims available to the spouse and family members of the injured party, if the injury has an impact on the lives of the family. These damages are often referred to as loss of consortium. These causes of action exist whether the injury is minor, such as sprained ankles and lacerations, or serious, such as paralysis, traumatic brain injury or death.

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